wilhemina life list

I celebrate myself and sing of myself…I loaf and invite my soul (walt whitman)

This is a blog about a woman, and sometimes her love, and her cats. It’s also about food, travel, art, and life.

Enjoy the show.


a living document…

Swim in all the oceans


Make my own Pâté

Learn to play the guitar or the accordion, whichever comes first…

Paint my own self-portrait

Visit Angkor Wat

Drink a $100 bottle of wine (not restaurant price) thank you Naymar! We drank a lovely bottle of Italian red for our “Last Supper”

Run a marathon  yes! 4/27/14 Big Sur International Marathon

Plant my own victory garden

Birth a child, maybe not my own

Hike the Sangre de Christo mountains

Buy a home in the Pacific Northwest

Go to Brittany

Speak French fluently

Master my yoga standing series

Do 10 pull-ups unassisted

Go off-grid  for energy consumption

Bike commute

Write a novel

Eat at the French Laundry

WWOOF for a summer

Brew beer

Watch the sunrise at Machu Picchu

Learn to weld

Knit something bigger than a scarf

Grow all my own herbs  now if only I can continue to do so in an apartment now…

Finish reading 100 Years in Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Have a pen pal

See The Magic Flute

Sail in the Aegean

Finish school, whatever that means

Bring my Turkish rugs, 1940’s stove and my record player home (now sitting in my mum’s garage)

Read 1001 Nights in Arabic

Dance all night when I’m 30  The W Hotel 9/28/12

Slaughter a chicken

Make my own yogurt

Drive to OK to see Matt and Lenne

Have a girls weekend destination vacation  (I’m doing this with Laura in 3…2…1!!!)

Stay healthy, active, and strong

Remember German

Ride the Coast Starlight  Amtrak Train up the West Coast and;

Ride the Sunset Limited across the Southwest

Fly in a hot air balloon ( I’ve since amended sky dive, because I find it too terrifying)


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