New Year


I’ve always loved resolutions and plans. I’m a planner.

It gives me great joy to make lists and know what I want to accomplish in the coming days, months, years. I like to sit and reflect on my life and consider what is working well, what could be improved and weighing what I want against what I have.

So I really don’t understand all the recent hate against resolutions. It’s coming at me from all sides of the internet. Memes and blog posts and personal opinion. People disparaging the idea of a new year and a new you. Well fuck that.

We all deserve the room to grow and change. Our current culture of celebrity worship, vitriolic news coverage, and manufactured busyness leaves no air to breathe. The one time of year that many people stop and reflect on their lives and what they want to change is now being shunned as inauthentic or shallow.

Well I don’t care if resolutions are no longer popular, I’m going to keep striving and becoming and growing better.

I’ve always found this time of fallow darkness and rebirth cuts closest to the bone. I become sleepy and reclusive, cocooned in layers and cardigans and as the sun turns longer once again it’s seems so natural to me to turn my face forward and look to what newness is on the horizon and to welcome it with open arms.

Intentions for 2016

  • Quit my job (again)
  • Cultivate order and calm, including a tidy and organized home
  • Invest in my health again — lift/run/yoga
  • Goal weight
  • 4.0 GPA
  • Bike commute (LL)
  • Read 26 books in 2016
  • Linux Systems administration certification
  • Go outside more

Whew! okay that’s a LOT I know, but some big changes are coming for me in the next few weeks and I think I’m going to be freer than I have ever been.

More to come soon.



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