“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” – Kurt Vonnegut

This is what I told them when I quit my job. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone. They knew that eventually, someday, I was moving on. I wonder in hindsight if maybe it was a surprise because we all know that someone who keeps telling you about all the magical and amazing things they are going to do if only… 

I don’t believe that person. I’ve never really even liked that person.

Anyway, I quit my job and it was fantastic.

I went to Portland, I interviewed in Silicon Valley, I chased turtles in Maui. I slept in A LOT. I read books. I drank coffee late and studied Cisco routing and switching in my pajamas for much of the time. I cooked nice meals and started to actually go to yoga (Dharma Yoga ftw!) I swam at the Austin public pool and rode my bike. 

I landed softly but I wasn’t sure that would happen. The most important part is that I took that leap, grew my wings, and found myself so much happier and challenged than I was before. It didn’t hurt that I was jobless for nearly 3 months.  I’ve worked a taxable job since I was 15 and worked random summers even before that. I cannot describe how free and positive my experience was and how much brighter everything seems now. 

So if there is something that you’ve been meaning to do, or if there are shackles on your heart or on your dreams. Cast them off and sprint madly for that cliff. Leap off knowing that you will always be better off chasing your dreams. 



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