Closer to the Truth


I arrived at a point in my life where I began to realize in earnest that how I wanted to live was a very sharp contrast to how I was living. I’ve been trying to get closer to that truth for the past few years. I can’t just throw my hands up and say Oh well, I guess I’m not the person I wanted to be. I feel like our culture is inclined to just give up on ourselves and put little thought into self-actualization. What does that have to do with bicycling? The two may not seem to have much in common but it’s just a way I would like to live. I think I wrote bicycle commute on my Life List 5+ years ago? Jesus. I just need to know that I can still be the person that I would like to be and this is definitely part of that.

I’ve been searching for a bike for a while. I wanted something light and easy to maneuver in the city that didn’t need a ton of maintenance and also not a target for thieves. After riding this beauty all over Portland I was hell-bent on finding a bike when I got home.

Summer 2014 097

I’m small so finding a bike in my size and at my very low price point was a challenge. I was going to buy a new bike from but since I’m new to bicycling as a mode of transport I figured I needed a beater bike to learn on anyway. Thank god for Craigslist.

I found my sweet little Miyata for under $300, in great shape and it was even delivered. I had to have the seat post sawed down but other than that it fits great. I’m not putting in serious miles yet but just being able to get on my bike to go to yoga or meet up with people is pretty damn nice. I’m still moving closer to my own truth.


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