Life Goal Complete : Finish Big Sur Marathon



Something like ten years ago I heard about this race and I thought to myself,  If I ever run a marathon it would be Big Sur…



Here I am crossing the Bixby Canyon Bridge. I can’t easily explain how much this means to me.

I guess I could tell you how I trained erratically around injuries for nearly 3 years to finally complete this goal.  Or that when I crossed the finish line I began to sob hysterically, that having my loved ones at the finish with hand painted signs was the best thing about the whole race or that I told myself from miles 21-26,  I will never do this again. But none of this will sum up the full experience. It was hard, it was beautiful, but it’s also a self-imposed torture reserved for those privileged enough to afford to do such things. But I digress.

Immediately following the race I was disappointed with my time. Now I see it for what it is. I’m proud of myself for finishing, proud of my body for continuing on when I thought I had nothing left. I’m super happy that I finished injury free.

Now I’m getting psyched about running it again next year. Crazy? Hell yes.

There is a lot more I could say about this race. I hiked 7 miles two days before the race (stupid) I ate baby octopus the night before (bad idea) that I wore new shoes (terrible idea) and that I didn’t quite fuel enough (newbie error) but in all I was just so pumped to be running.

Running is now a part of who I am instead of just something I do once in a while and that’s pretty cool.






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