Correlations between data networks and human relationships

Digital analogy for analog life:

Many circuit-switched networks give priority to existing circuit connections at the expense of new circuit requests. After a circuit is established, even if no communication is occurring between the persons on either end of the call, the circuit remains connected and resources used until one of the parties disconnects the call. Because there are only so many circuits that can be created, it is possible to get a message that all circuits  are busy and a call cannot be placed.

I’m taking a CCNA course. It’s a good cert and will grant me more freedom career wise,  but goddamn if I don’t procrastinate on the coursework.  Anyway, I read this line in the first chapter of the course and it just struck me as being true in real life as well.  It’s true in love and in life. You can’t accomplish that novel or find true love if you are preoccupied in an established circuit that is not serving you.

So just cut the connection.




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