A Promise With a Catch…

“This is a promise with a catch, only if you’re looking will it find you. Cause true love is searching too, and how can it recognize you lest you step out into the light?

Don’t be sad, I know you will

Don’t give up until…

True love finds you in the end. “

TIme has been so quick of late. I find the tattered seams to press and remake to eke out a time for myself.  I am spinning and working and building a life apart. I am going to school and being challenged and working harder academically than I ever have in my life

I am trying to be more cautious with my heart. I am learning to eat alone. I am dancing in the kitchen. I am burning the candles until the wick smokes and the wax is translucent threatening to shatter the glass.

I am building things and breaking down my old desires. I am learning to live anew in this strange skin.

Spring is happening upon Tejas and I like it. The mountain laurels are in bloom, the night jasmine greets me on my rare evening runs. I saw fuzzy ducklings on the Riverwalk and it made me happy. Life is happening and it will take me, if only I can find the courage to step out into the light.

Being vulnerable again to the slightest inferences (and also being blindsided by the outright ones) is hard to adjust to. Everything is new again in a raw and palpable way, yet things are still good and I’m stretching my new limbs to embrace it.

This is a cover of a Daniel Johnston song, I prefer Beck because he sounds more mournful and ever since One Foot in the Grave I love any acoustic Beck.

Take a listen, take a breath and get out into the light.





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