Sweet Nothing

I’m acclimating to this new place and I’ve discovered a penchant for pop music that I haven’t felt in years (YEARS!). I don’t know exactly what it is. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have my beloved WTMD to keep me on the straight and narrow. The public radio here in San Antonio is absolute garbage, half the time it’s bluegrass and then a sprinkling of patchouli engulfed reggae. I am going to eat my head. The local college radio advertises itself as “The Only Alternative” and they are correct. There is nothing else on the radio waves except country, Tejano and R& B pop music. I have discovered though, that pop music has quite evolved. Sure I did subject myself to Flo Rida’s “Boots with the Fur” wtf is this 2008? on my way home but alas I don’t have many options and may have to listen to Justin Bieber and Ke$ha before I hear some goodness but there isn’t really anything else to do but twist the dial. This is how I learned to really love Calvin Harris (although this could be a form of good music withdrawal but I doubt it) I am completely enamored with anything that he does, he has the Midas Touch.  Sure it’s easy to swallow, bass driven and slightly manic but the beat just won’t quit. I can’t stop playing his songs and I can’t stop dancing to them either. Appreciate the good things in life, even if they happen to be top 40 club hits to fuel your morning commute. I can’t get enough of this song!

cue spontaneous kitchen dance party. GO!


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