buscar la aventura– What do you really think is out there?

A few months ago, my brother Michael came to DC on business. Although his schedule was packed we arranged to meet up at the Smithsonian Institute Air and Space Museum in Dulles and I would take him to the airport (yes we are nerds, but fiercely proud of that fact and it’s influence on our relationship). There are two Smithsonian Air & Space museums, Dulles and DC proper, mind you the one in Dulles is far better.

I drove the 70+ miles and scooped up my brother from his hotel. We caught up over breakfast, and headed over to the museum. Coincidentally, the space shuttle Discovery was ensconced in the museum a few days before our visit. We discussed how space travel and exploration are changing significantly, and also what dreams we had thought would be realities by the time we were in our thirties.


I read that the shuttle underwent a 14 day decontamination process. Perhaps I’ve read too much science fiction but that piqued my interest.

We spent hours walking around the exhibits. I was really impressed with the full span of space flight represented in the museum, from early Da Vinci prototypes to modern stealth planes, and of course many, many battle planes in between.  I was a bit taken aback at my response to seeing the Enola Gay, I could only see it as evil, though Michael pointed out the same could be said for most everything in the building, but truly they were just tools of human decisions.


Interesting, thought provoking and a lovely afternoon.   Spending time with my siblings is so much fun, I just wish it happened more often. It was nice to think about things outside my normal scope, to touch the boundary of reality and probe into the darkness. I wonder what it feels like to be weightless? All those dreams of flying through the outer galaxies, discovering other places, being far from home.



It was a really good time.





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