I was starting to crumble after a post travel slump, the stress of school finals and work deadlines. I was like a mad dog frothing at the mouth, running in circles just to get the fuck away. So I did.

I shut down when I’m stressed. I don’t talk to my friends/family or blog, I procrastinate and panic, cram and furiously make up for lost time,  generally spread myself way too thin.  I eventually have to compensate with 14 hour sleeping jags just to keep going.  I survived and rewarded myself with an impulsive 9 Day California Odyssey.

I went home.

I’m extremely proud of my state and and for the first time ever I was able to see the beautiful things so easily missed when visiting solely for family time.


Arriving on an open-jaw flight landing in LA and departing from SF, I filled the days between with many beautiful memories. Amazing food; tacos, tamales, Dungeness crab, burritos, ceviche, In & Out, home grilled tri-tip while following the Pacific coast south to San Diego and back up. I stayed up late, drank plenty of Anchor Steam, roamed city streets, and went night swimming.

If I had 3 months I would be hard pressed to show off my entire state, but 9 days was enough to temper my longing and sustain my love.

I can’t describe how much I want to be there. It always hurts to leave but I keep telling myself that one day I will come home for good.


I feel at home there more than any other place and I’ve always regretted that I can’t live there. Maybe it’s time to change some things.  It’s nice to know that a place still has hooks in me even though I’m a roaming vagabond.


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