Get busy living…

I recently posted about the ephemeral nature of time. It’s already March and I have an enormous adventure coming up in mere days, that I haven’t shared with you because I am so overwhelmed and excited about it.

We are going to Rome! We had planned to go last November but work, school and holiday travel ate up any time off I had. Not to mention the house eating up bags of money or (credit rather)….We don’t have kids and know that we won’t always be alone. We are going to Rome for a multitude of reasons, but it was the most romantic and beautiful place we could think, and we are in a way running out of time. I’m never going to be more ready for this, even if I do someday have more time and money. This trip is worth a turkish carpet, 30 nice dinners out, a fancy handbag, or so, so much more. I’m tired of waiting to live my life, so we are just going and bills be damned. If people can charge an item, I can charge an experience that will remain with me the rest of my days and try not to feel guilty about it.

I’ve always wanted to go to Rome but I’m very intimidated by the enormity of the undertaking. I don’t know any Italian aside from commercial pasta sauce names. The entire city is covered by hundreds of years of art and architecture and I don’t know the local cuisine or the customs or what the weather will be like. Italians say that “Marzo e Pazzo’, meaning March is crazy. I guess I will just have to wing it.

We’ve rented a flat in the Trastevere neighborhood and we are adamantly against chock a block itinerary tourism. We’re staying in Rome for a week, living in an apartment in a trendy Roman neighborhood, buying groceries and doing our laundry, I may even hang it outside to dry. I like to experience a city as if I lived there. Many people encouraged us to split our trip between Rome and Venice or Florence or somewhere else, but I wanted to really see Rome not the inside of a train or an airport. I hate the thought of running around an ancient and beautiful city with a checklist in hand, frantically glancing at famous paintings or architecture just to say I saw it, without really seeing it.

The Trastevere is a warren of cobblestones and narrow streets and is supposedly less touristy than the 7 hills neighborhoods and still inhabited by Romans and casual bohemians.

We will be getting up every morning, wandering to a cafe to enjoy a cappuccino and some crusty bread on the piazza, then commence wandering from there. I am doing extensive research on restaurants of good repute so that we will always have a good option close by, since getting ripped off for terrible food can happen anywhere.

I do of course, have some things that I must see like the Villa Borghese, Flavian Ampitheater, Ara Pacis Augustus etc. I just want it to be a lovely and relaxed time. We may even take a train out to Orvieto for a day trip, but we’ll make that call when we get there.

I can’t wait to share this experience with you!

Any advice would be lovely. Now the big question….what to pack??

I recently read a story at Cup of Jo, about packing a unified color scheme when traveling so it all works together. I am awful at packing and always over pack and hate my dowdy outfits when I get there. Worth a try and I just picked up a casual red dress at H&M.


One thought on “Get busy living…

  1. so absolutely psyched for you! travel has a way of really recalibrating one’s own place and priorities, i think. enjoy yourselves; can’t wait to hear about your adventures in living local, rome style. xoxo

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