Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

I must admit that I’ve been ambivalent about pizza for much of my life. I blame commercial delivery franchises, I’m looking at you Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Papa John’s. It’s just not good food. Then I happened to discover corner shop pizza. I didn’t even know this existed coming from the over-planned suburbs of California. Apparently in the Chicago area mid-west corner pizza joints are amazing and they deliver delicious pizza on a cardboard circle in a waxed paper bag. How rudimentary. So I get pizza on occasion from the local corner shops in Baltimore, aside for gourmet places like Joe Squared and Iggies they are sad thick crusted pies with lackluster toppings, but it is cheap and the fried chicken wings are uuurrmazing! But what to do about the pie? I just started making them at home using Trader Joe’s pre-made dough on a baking sheet.   It was a bit of a Friday night thing, but to be honest the crust was never that good, even though the toppings were awesome.

I heard good things about pizza stones so I did some research, and lo and behold people were raving about ditching the stone and making pizza in a cast iron skillet. One of which I just received for my birthday. So tonight I decided to experiment with it and make a pizza. I used Trader Joe’s dough but in the future we are pretty pumped at trying our own. I followed the cooking directions at Macheesmo, which tell you to cook the pie on the stove for 3 minutes on high heat and then pop into a pre-heated 450F oven for 20 minutes. Note there are also directions here for your own dough and sauce! I was a bit freaked out that the dough would stick or the pie would burn to a crisp but it came out beatifully with a crust that was perfectly crisp and chewy.

Give it a try.

I dare you to not pick up the phone to order out again.


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