Getting Better All the Time


In 2012 there are probably a lot of things I should try to do.  But after 48 hours of agonizing on a near-liquid detox, I decided to give it up and just focus on the things I really want to achieve. Eliminating dairy from my diet wasn’t really one of them. It was just an exercise in self-denial and really just boring and not a means to anything I want to achieve.  What I really want to and need to do is…


paint the picture that is already imagined in my mind

treat myself better, notably on sleep and exercise

think about things before I let them fall out of my mouth

blog more, and more honestly (thanks meg!)

be grateful every day for what I have, instead of fixating on what I don’t

go camping again

dance all night long, just one night this year*

that’s all. A pretty short  list but quite focused on what I really want to achieve this year. There are definitely some things on the life list that I want to knock off, but this is it, this simple list of things that I think will really make me more content and happy. That dancing part is on my life list, and I really only have one time to do it right?

Keep whole and sane. I’m knitting myself back together after the emotional rip-tide of the holidays. I’m looking forward to the dark and short days of winter. Wool socks, roast vegetables, and flannel sheets, with nothing on the horizon but the siren’s call of spring. I think we all need this lull in the darkness to regroup and refocus.

Dining in darkness at Black Bottle

Tell me how you plan to go about it?


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