Trying to Focus

the holidays and finals attmepted to swallow me whole.

I barely came out alive, and I attribute a great deal of it to an off-the-cuff present that I received. My friend Kathleen buys Groupons all the time, but was unable to use a massage that she had purchased as she was out of town. Lucky me! I made time in my frantic schedule to sneak in a massage at 7pm on a Friday night, because of classes  Monday through Thursday. I’m terrible at treating myself to frou-frou things like massage and pedicures. The idea of it is so indulgent and the price is off-putting but, on someone else’s dime I embraced it. I arrived at Apothecary Wellness in Baltimore in time to get comfortable in my skivvies face up on a table. The paper-work had a questionnaire for massage preferences, light, medium or firm. I chose firm, thinking that I was a tough lady and my big muscles needed the kneading. I almost stopped the procedure a few times and had to breathe through portions to prevent myself from crying out. The massage therapist kept finding these huge things that felt like marbles in my back and neck and forcing them up my body until they burst and disintegrated in an excruciating releases of pressure.

It was definitely an experience and so, so helpful. I think the massage therapist was truly concerned about me, as she taught me some stretches to do at work to release tension in my neck and shoulders. I realize I haven’t taken good care of myself this fall, not working out, not eating right and not sleeping. Things have got to change. I’m currently scouting out monthly massage packages in my area. I’ll let you know what I find.

Christmas was a whirlwind of love and stress and travel to the Pacific Northwest and flying standby (fighting hysterics) at 5 am. I also turned 30 (!) Stay tuned for the details.




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