Things sometimes end

Things are changing around here, as if blown about by a wild, cold wind.

Many people that I care about very much have left or, are going away. Some didn’t go very far, and others are eventually returning, but some are not. It leaves me wondering why I’m sticking around and if this is the place that I really want to be. You know, those hard questions that you just put off for months at a time, but hit you like a prize-fighter in moment of vulnerability. You’re left reeling and searching for balance.

This is the first time I’ve come up for air in a very long time, being currently overwhelmed by school and work and a long CSA summer.

There is still much to do and look forward to.  I’ve got to get to the farmer’s market in 20 minutes, and buy THE BEST EGG NOG on the planet! put in some mileage, go to the Baltimore Craft Mafia holiday market and later I hope to watch a cheesy movie while unsnarling strands of lights.

Keep your wits about you this holiday season, slow down, and give extra hugs.


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