We live in an old rowhome in a sort of ok neighborhood in Baltimore.

Our house is big and drafty with lots of tumbledown adorable/frustrating work intensive details. Like lead paint and pocket doors. Beautiful wavy plaster and non-functioning transoms.

why do butternut squash always look so phallic?
Gourds on radiator


We also have radiators and I love them. We use oil heat and I hate it. The cost is erratic, but always expensive, and their maintenance service is terrible.  We were told our 50 year old boiler is on it’s last legs, so we’re switching to a gas-fired new model. I’ve done so much research on boilers that I feel a certain sense of expansion in my wheelhouse. If say, at a swank dinner party, people were debating the advantages of a cast-iron versus aluminum boilers I would be able to hold my end of the debate. Cast iron for certain! I would declaim, adding that a triple pass is the most efficient! Who has parties like that? I want to come.

Woe are my pockets, but I do not want to die in the cold.

Sometimes, I just want to run away and live in a tiny apartment and call the super when things don’t work.



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