What I did on my summer vacation.

It’s been a sticky whirlwind summer. It went faster than I could have imagined and we didn’t even take a vacation.

I’m sipping ginger tea and feeling the balmy, rainy night anticipating sleep listening to the warm rain hitting the half-shut screens. We were busy all summer with not much to show for it, but that’s alright. I went to school this summer and had a great CSA, and we skipped out of town to spend the night in Shenandoah National Park and get our Appalachian trail on. Let me share some of my summer with you

 Zarahdka Farm CSA folks know how to bring it! If you are in the area and need their contact info just let me know. What is a CSA you ask? Follow the link! This is a picture of our weekly medium (!) share from the height of summer. In addition to this bounty, we also get a dozen farm-fresh multicolored eggs and a meat option. It can vary from a whole chicken, to sausage, to hamburger patties, locally grown and processed. All this bounty for a measly $40. Yep, that’s it people!!! Forty dollars for a week’s worth of fresh, local, ethically raised produce and meat. Now try to sit there and tell me it’s hard and expensive to eat healthy ’cause I’m calling bullshit on that. Needless to say I’ve been busy eating this summer, any vegetable that is possible to go on the grill does. Grilled eggplant was somewhat of a revelation. You could join the fun, and subscribe to a CSA next spring or better yet find a winter program in your area. Do it quick before they sell out!!! You will never go back to subsisting on commercial produce from godknowswhere.

medium huh?
Zahradka Farm CSA medium share

Next up, our first camping trip. We’ve been married for 4+ years and never tried  this experiment before. It was a whirlwind planning that maybe just happened through sheer dint of will rather than actual planning. We arrived late and the first campground that we found was a horrid asphalt lined path straight to the toilet (Matthews Arm). We kept driving, even though we knew we could possibly not find a campground open. Our destination was Lewis Mountain a small site that didn’t take RV’s or reservations. We were able to camp at the handicapped site, but we were too late to buy firewood, which you can’t bring in due to an invasive species of beetle. We ended up eating sliced raw mushrooms, a fine Manchego cheese with crackers and drinking Dale’s Pale Ale while M. gave me a thrashing at Scrabble to the chorus of unknown insects. He gave me a sweet travel edition at our first Christmas many moons ago and it came to good use.  I swear I took these pictures myself. It was so gorgeous.

go there!

holy beautiful

We set up camp and snuggled in the cool night air and woke to drive the rest of the beautiful park. We stopped to try a trail but it happened to include 12 ft. vertical climbs on gnarled rock face.


We were supposed to follow the blue flash there, up and over. I forced M. (unwilling) as far as we could go but we reached a point where it was sheer madness.  !!! We were not prepared and decided to go for a nice, sweaty hike on the Appalachian trail instead.  If you can you should go. It’s beautiful and attainable. I laughed out loud when the elevation markers said 3ooo ft. I’m from the west, we just live bigger than that.


The rest of the summer was pretty chill. Lots of grilling and nom’ing and a wedding in rural Pennsylvania that included a ridiculous hot-tub. I’m really looking forward to fall and spending the holidays with my family for the first time in 7 years! Geoduck all around!

I'm swimmin'!


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