New York is…

…as if dirty LA made love to San Francisco and made an humid old baby. Hubris? Sure, but that’s my take on it.

So we’ve been to NYC a few times now. Coming from LA, I have to say it reminds me of home. It’s grimy, packed, and crazy as hell. I still haven’t been on the subway. Cabs are just faster and easier. Chock that up to my dear old dad. New York is as expensive as everyone says it is. It’s easy to get trapped in an eating establishment and end up paying $15 dollars for a sandwich. No shit. It’s hot and muggy. The bane of the Eastern seaboard. I don’t know what they can do about it except move to the west coast like any sane individual…but there is something about it, I must admit.  I love the bustle and the movement, a grimy ballet of the work-worn and eager tourists.  We went for a weekend getaway to see an amazing performance by the band Beirut, they are so good, if you don’t believe me just go see them, or spend a few seconds of your time checking out their albums via your electronic media of choice. Hands down it was the best show I’ve seen since the Pixies reunion tour. The band doesn’t pander to the audience and make egotistical soap-box opportunities between songs. The talking is at a minimum and the music is divine. After the roar of applause at the end of their set, they returned for a 7 song encore. Pretty amazing. I’m already trying to get tickets to their upcoming Philadelphia show. I’ve been trying to see them play live for the past 3 years now but I was worried that maybe they would be terrible live or total jerks onstage and it would destroy my love for their music. Thankfully, they came through and blew me away.

so so good!

this is a live street performance of their song Nantes. If you aren’t impressed then I can’t possibly help you.


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