Ramen in NYC! . Eating in New York is sometimes difficult because you can get burned so easily and most things are frightfully expensive, but when it’s good. It’s sooo good.  I was going to mash this into my Beirut post and then realized my gastronomic experiences deserve their own. I had a great, lengthy phone conversation with my friend Kari the night before I left for nyc. She asked me what we were planning on doing besides seeing Beirut and I instantly listed 6 restaurants that I wanted to go to. We laughed and admitted that the goal of eating as much good food as possible while in nyc is completely rational.

Our first meal on the trip was at a New Jersey gas-station rest stop–we’re classy like that. Nathan’s Hot Dogs, two regular and two with sauerkraut. Now, I’m not generally a hot-dog person but these were delicious. The casing had a bite to it and the flavor and texture were superb.

I didn’t bother to take a picture of it, but trust me it was good. Here was part of the view on the bus heading north just for fun.

Delaware River maybe?


Now let’s get on to the big time! Our first meal legitimately inside Manhattan was an early dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar. A classy David Chang joint on the Lower East Side. We were seated immediately at the bar and we ordered a local IPA. The server recommended the most basic things on the menu so next time I would just wing it. We got the soy egg appetizer, a crazy salty pickled egg. It was not good. Then we got the pork belly buns which were very, very good and for entree we both got the Momofuku Ramen. .


Delicious Beer

It was beautifully presented with pork shoulder, pork belly and a poached egg. It was balanced and satisfying to eat but I just thought it was meh. Granted I don’t know jack about Ramen so maybe it was the most delicious ramen in the entire world. It was decently priced and filled me up but I don’t know if we will be back. Give me a bowl of Pho any day of the week instead


but it was worth finding out. Maybe next time we visit I can sell a kidney so we can get into to Momofuku Ko.

Or maybe not.





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