We Went to the Old Place


I have one last post about my months ago trip to California and then we can move on. The city that is my home in my mind’s eye will always be Long Beach. I loved living there, the refinement and grittiness, the beach, Belmont Heights, the spazzy art, the total diversity of cultures and the (almost) small town feel of it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this night view in all of it’s instances.

On my return I immediately had a date with my Father. Throughout my younger years,  in high-school and then on my own, my dad and I would meet up once a week for a father-daughter date night. Sometimes we would go to a movie or a try a new restaurant, but our old standby was happy-hour Baja-style fish tacos at Taco Surf, a local style beachmex. The tacos aren’t muy authentico but they are still delicious and very fresh, double tortilla-ed, packed with crunchy cabbage, fresh battered fish and Baja sauce.  I was in heaven. It was a big group this time, my sister Jade and her boyfriend Gian came out from LA, my brother Josh and one of my oldest friends and near-brother, Aronald U.L. Harper, all joined us for dinner. After we ate and talked and drank, we walked a few blocks to the beach and stared over the open water, talking in the fading light. The waves gently lapped the sand, and the lights started to rise as the sun went. I caught that moment, suspended it and will keep it with me until I have those there near me again.





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