LA Revisited

Most people don’t like L.A. and I’m fine with that, and please go tell your friends as well because I’m tired of everyone moving there. I am adamant and obnoxious about my love for the city. Just ask my husband. I lived all over Greater Los Angeles during my vagabond childhood including Maywood, Pico Rivera, Norwalk, Downey, Bellflower and Long Beach. I love the beach but I also love the dirty Hollywood hills. On my recent visit my brother and I decided  to get up and watch the sunrise at Griffith Park. I was really excited but we ended up sleeping in and didn’t hit the road until 9 am, barely missing traffic. We decided to go for a hike instead.

Griffith Park is the largest municipal park with urban wilderness in the United States. Betcha didn’t know that did you? Encompassing over 4,000 acres across the Hollywood hills, it is the city’s wilderness playground. The park has breathtaking views, sharp elevation, miles of trails for horseback riding and hiking and attractions such as the famous Observatory, LA Zoo and the Greek Theater.  If you go to LA, go there and see what I’m talking about.


My brother and I hiked up a moderately challenging 4 mile trail. Old Chinese grannies put us to shame, speed walking up the trail in broad brimmed straw hats and gloves to block sun.  We didn’t need any special equipment, this was no Bear Grylls adventure but you will kick yourself if you forget your camera.

Go on, enjoy it.



2 thoughts on “LA Revisited

  1. Hey, that’s behind Griffith Observatory! I walk up that trail all the time with my son. It’s a nice workout!

    Griffith Park is amazing. It’s really made living on the east side fun for me. I would not-so-secretly prefer to be down by the ocean, but the hiking and the zoo make it bearable to be so far inland.

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