Children and hot fluids should be kept apart

Saturday mornings usually start late, but full of promise. Imagine! An entire forty-eight hours to get a million things accomplished! Or more likely bury my nose in a book,  give belly kisses to my cats during afternoon naps on the old yellow couch, make new variations on the whisky smash, etcetera. Even if I never get to the really important stuff a few things almost always get done like a good breakfast and slow coffee. What?


It’s french press coffee! This what the weekend means to me.  It only takes a bit more effort than regular drip coffee, though not much. French presses are easy to find, and easy to use and don’t require electricity. They also don’t take up counter space with their fugly plastickness, like traditional machines.  All you need is some coarse-ground coffee, boiling water and coffee press. You can buy a press from places like Target, Ikea, Williams & Sonoma or Amazon. There are variations of price and quality. Get what seems right for you.

Cafe Press Coffee

Ground coffee (the fresher the better)  + hot water + coffee press.

Boil 4 cups water in a pan or kettle.

Add 6-10 tablespoons of ground coffee into the glass carafe of the coffee press, depending on your preference

Add piping hot water to the carafe and stir the contents

Place the lid on the carafe with the plunger up—wait about 5 minutes and slowly press the plunger down.

Pour and enjoy





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