the want list

So I promised to tell you about the things I’ve been coveting since I went on a hiatus.


 olo fragrance blog

I am a truly scent driven person and as I’m almost out of my current perfume < Hermes, Le Jardin Sur le Nil> I decided to start looking for something new. I went to the fancy department stores and sniffed all the bottles but nothing really impressed me. Jo Malone fragrances were delicious but too one dimensional, I would have to layer it with an essential oil. Then somehwere throughout the blogosphere I read about OLO. The perfumes sound amazing, textured and a bit more dangerous than the regular options. I finally bucked up and ordered a sampler to figure out what fits me best. I can’t wait to get it in the mail.

2. dark straight denim

these are the rail straight jeans in Madewell wash. Dark straight denim is a wardrobe staple. Skinny jeans are ok, wide legs look terrible on me, but straight is my jam. My last pair of perfect dark jeans just died inopportunely on my recent trip to California. I’m still not convinced about this pair and now I can put it off until fall, as Maryland weather won’t let me wear jeans for the next 5 months anyway. I can it  mull it over some more and see if I can find RRL jeans anywhere out here….

3. Body Hydration

I’ve been coveting Booth’s 4 in 1 body lotion for months. I love the smell and the weight and texture. I can only purchase it online so I’m about to go do that….

4.  Summer dresses! I need to go look but it’s about that time.

I just happily noticed how short my list is and how attainable and honest my desires are. What’s in your mental shopping cart these days?


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