All Aboard

As spring is creeping into the hot maw of a mid-Atlantic summer, my feet are itching to travel. I’m counting my pennies to see if I have enough scratch for a hopscotch trip to my beloved Best Coast.  The more I start looking into methods of travel the more I wonder about alternate routes and ditching a car altogether. M has been wanting to show me Boston for years now and since we live blocks from the train station hopping on the Acela Express is actually a viable option. Especially since Boston has a great mass transit system.

Michael Thompson

I also happen to be huge nerd for trains and anything train related. So while planning a bare bones flight to the west coast I am going to travel within the state via Amtrak. I wonder if I can implement the coast route but it takes 6 hours longer than the boring Bakersfield version.

I’m also thinking about incorporating a weekly train commute into my regular car commute. It might be really nice to walk 10 blocks in the summer mornings, drink coffee, read the paper or knit on the train, avoiding hellish traffic altogether.  Who am I kidding I will probably just sleep! Actually, I seriously contemplated going car-less after my old Honda was totaled. The only thing that forced my hand was my strength training sessions. The OPTI gym is not anywhere near a train stop.

Just the class and beauty of old train stations can bring me to my knees. This is a photo I found via Flickr of Los Angeles Union Station. Yep, LA has one too! It’s Art Deco and it’s beayoutiful. And if you are hungry, Olvera street isn’t too far away.  I believe that efficient mass transit should be de rigueur in any metropolitan area, but sadly that is definitely not often the case.

What is your take on mass transit? Is it a viable option in your community? What do you think about train vacations?



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