The Art of Giving Up Desire

I finally realized that I’m in a constant state of desire and acquisition of objects and things, mostly clothing. I’m trying to temper this habit. Because what are we really trying to buy? Do these small objects make us happy? Do they really work in our life?

As a lax Catholic I dig Lent on personal level. This year I decided to give up shopping. I set strict parameters and I’m not even allowed to buy new shampoo or lotion or other personal sundry items. We all know that we have about 6 half empty bottles of shampoo and lotion and cast away beauty products hiding in the cupboard. I crave new cheap beauty products like a disease. So I’m ending it!

The Struggle: so I really thought I would be able to handle a 40 day challenge, oh hubris!

I broke the rules twice already and Lent isn’t even over for 3 more weeks. Once I was in a pickle for a social event and grabbed a tank and sweater at Target, so while it is an infraction I’m not technically counting it.  But, a few days ago, I just said to hell with it at H&M. I ended up with a spring blouse, black cotton harem pants (that I am IN LOVE WITH) and a gold wallet for business cards. Here is my rationale, ok I wasn’t supposed to shop but I am working at purchasing wardrobe items that will work for business and social events. I honestly think I’m good on sweatpants for the time being…I am also attending more professional events and need to have my business cards with me. I did think about getting a fancy brand name business card case, but I think this is a better option.

The card isn’t mine, it is actually my hairstylist’s card. If you are in the area and need a good salon I highly recommend Tracy Blades at Varuna in Annapolis…But seriously, for 3.95!? A great, attractive and inexpensive solution to a professional problem. My cards get so grubby floating around in my purse, so it was a necessity.


So I have been trying.  But even better, I have been forced to contemplate my purchasing whims, and assessing what I am really after. Hurrah. On the flip side I started to write a growing list of things I really really want to purchase as soon as Lent is over. I’m not sure if I’m really getting the point… Yet, maybe just sitting on a purchase for ~30 days will make it worth it. How many times do impulse buys best me? So here is my strategy for just saying NO! to retail frenzy.

1. Reassess what is actually in my closet, and pair new outfits together

2. Thrift more!

3. Focus on transitional items that will can be worn for work and play.

4. Lose 10 lbs so that my clothes actually fit me again

5. Go on an allowance for discretionary spending


Do you have these same struggles? What is on your yearn list right now? I’m posting mine next.



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