So Fresh & So Clean!


Community Supported Agriculture is another thing I wanted to bring up. I’ve been a member of a CSA for 3 years. Last year we decided we didn’t need a subscription because we live so close to the local farmer’s market, however, I could never seem to get it together and commit to going every week. On the weeks I was too lazy to get my butt to the market I had to buy the same sad and lifeless looking vegetables from the commercial super-market instead of enjoying the bounty of regional farms.


What is a CSA you ask? It is a subscription to a weekly share of vegetables and fruit from a local farm or co-op of farms. It can run anywhere from $15-35 a week. Mere pennies for fresh local produce! The money supports local farms and provides the freshest most nutritional vegetables around. When it comes to produce, fresher isn’t just better for storage, it is actually better for you too.

Many farms offer reduced prices for labor. It would be really fun to donate a few hours a month to learn about organic farming and to meet new people.

Look around and see what is available in your area. Check out Local, it is quite handy for finding farms, CSAs, and other goodies in your area.  (

There are a ton of farms in the Maryland area but I chose Zaradkha Farm ( because they offer, for a few shekels more, free-range eggs, local naturally-raised meat, and a winter subscription as well.

Do some digging and see what kind of amazing things you can bring to your life through local farms!



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